Ready to start something new?

Starting a new business. Starting a new regime for health.
Taking time out and start getting back to yourself.
Enjoying the blossoms as they come and go, until next spring.
As sustainability is turning into regeneration, now is the time to start something new.

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I’m a numbers geek and people person. I love being able to combine the two. It’s a great pleasure teaching small business owners to understand the numbers and look at new processes or make the old ones better. I am available for personalised training on the Xero accounting software. See my contact information below and get in touch.

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My skills and specialities include spreading financial literacy, writing, sustainability and regenerative research & application, Yoga and mindfulness. I’m also a whole food plant-based eater and a tiny house dweller. I love to share my experiences, so get in touch to have a conversation over a cup of coffee or a kombucha.

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My mini series on starting up a new business or a new routine showcases various commercial and personal projects created throughout my life and career. Follow me on Facebook to see when I add new stuff to the blog. Personal views and ponderings on https://littlewolfdog.wordpress.com/


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