Pandemic ponderings

New Zealand feels like a safe haven when I’m listening to what’s going on in the world. We’re in a quirky town called Wanaka and life seems normal, with more hand sanitizer around and lists to sign for contact tracing. I would wear a mask if it would become mandatory. Might hide my scowling and frowning at the world.

It’s been a productive time however. I helped start a tiny house community trust and a social enterprise collective. I met incredible people online because I decided to be part of a hackathon to #hackthecrisis. So much fun in collaboration and working on a tricky problem together. We didn’t win but it paved the way for me feeling comfortable on Zoom, comfortable presenting and in own my unique gifts. Yes, I’m quirky and I embrace it.

Since then I feel more urgency to contribute to the change I want to see in the world. I’m reading and learning more about Doughnut Economics and try to apply the principles to my work and volunteering. I actually can’t shut up about it.

The pandemic has brought me to the conclusion that we’re all experts in our own way of coping. I enjoy self-help books and learning but now I really like to do some actual work!

There are at least 5 business ideas swirling around in my head and another 26 ish articles I need to read up on. And it always brings me back to Action – how do we take action, in our personal life and our profession. I’m still living in a tiny house, about to move out of town, so my own vehicle use will be much higher. I feel I can organise my days better to make the most of the trips into town. But maybe I can rope my neighbours in, especially for after school pickups, busses run straight after school but there is nothing for activities after school. That’s where a local parent taxi service comes in. Easy to organise with other parents where we all know each other, a general pickup point and a WhatsApp group. No app needed, just human connection and the willingness to organise oneself a bit for the greater good. Let’s see what happens.

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