About me

I like numbers but I love the stories behind the numbers. Because stories and people give numbers meaning.

My passion is learning and thinking about solutions, from organising my day to humanity’s problems. I try to direct my awareness to joy, hope and the elevation of human consciousness, eg how we can be happier. I love looking at how we shape the world around us. Any change starts with me and by connecting the ripples we cast in the pond of life, we create waves. Let’s ride.

My life in accounting so far…

Hi I’m Anja. (in the german alphabet you pronounce the J like a Y😊)

I have a natural tendency to count things, it started with sheep when I had trouble going to sleep. This led me to an apprenticeship in accounting in 1990 in Germany. Since then I’ve been wondering about better ways to capture numbers and monitor business performance in real time. In the accounting practices we only got to look at the numbers after the year was over to prepare the tax returns. Not much ability to help a business plan in real time.

I came across Xero Accounting Software when it started in New Zealand in the year 2006. It immediately made sense to me to use automation to import and code bank account transactions daily and see business performance almost instantly. Xero’s functionality has grown hugely. I love most that it’s easy to identify unique signs in a business and set flags to act rather than react.

I work with Xero Accounting Software because it’s easy for businesses to run the day-to-day tasks themselves. Setting it up right and training users is my favourite part, I love exploring what makes a business and the people in it tick and hum. The key is collaboration and taking the best of the existing processes. It sometimes means involving employees who are immersed in the processes every day.

It’s easy to send invoices from Xero and there’s a lot of tips and tricks I’ve discovered over the years to make this as smooth and seamless as possible. Xero takes the hassle out of the compliance like GST, Payroll and PAYE and fixed assets and depreciation. There’s template reports for the end of year Financial Statements which are the basis for income tax returns.

Starting something new comes easy to me. I have seen many businesses start and some fail. The world is changing and I love helping others to get the business values right from the start to align with the change in the world. Sometimes it’s about looking at old habits and patterns that might not work anymore.

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

The menu is not the meal.

Alan Watts

One year from now you wish you had started today.

Karen Lamb

Let’s start something new together.

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