Ditch Busy

anja in tiny house

I was fortunate.



I will be forever grateful for the circumstances I was born into, stepped into, found myself in.

But I had to make a few decisions:

To move to New Zealand. Without knowing anyone.

To start a business without a guarantee of income. Working hard in and on the business. Putting effort into the relationships with business partners, staff, contractors, suppliers, customers. Without expectations, but not really.

To build a tiny house on wheels and offgrid. Without owning land.

To sell my share in the business. Without a job to go to.

Now I have carved out satisfying work that pays the bills and let’s me pour my creative energy into various impact business projects.

I had 3 options:

Earn more

pile of nz dollars

I ended up burnt out

Spend less

Exactly what I did with downsizing

Take more risks

This was only possible after I accumulated a little nest-egg

Sometimes a different perspective helps to see our path more clearly. As long as we don’t stop moving. I would love to hear your story.

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