About Me

anja in tiny house

I was fortunate.



I will be forever grateful for the circumstances I was born into, stepped into, found myself in.

But I there were still decisions to make:

The trip to New Zealand. I did not know anyone. And got stuck.

Starting a business without a guarantee of income. Working hard in and on the business. Putting effort into the relationships with business partners, staff, contractors, suppliers, customers. Without expectations, but not really.

Building an offgrid tiny house on wheels. Without owning land.

Walking away from a business. Without a job to go to.

Now I have carved out satisfying work that pays the bills and let’s me pour my creative energy into various impact business projects.

I pondered on 3 options:

Earn more

pile of nz dollars

I ended up burnt out

Spend less

Exactly what I did by downsizing

Take more risks

This was only possible after I accumulated a little nest-egg

Now looking back, I’m immensely grateful how everything turned out. The world is changing and I am prepared to do my part to make the change for the better. Humans are amazing.

Make a time to chat with me over a virtual (or real life) coffee.

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