Admin efficiencies

Office administration should not be a mile long to-do list and stressed staff. Efficiency means automation where possible, human connection in true collaboration, reports and lists occasionally. Transparent and collaborative processes are built from within the team, not from the top down.

Social Enterprise

If you want to become a business for good, align with purpose. I help navigate the resources to enable any type of business to become part of the change that will shape our world.

Climate related disclosures

Your accountant will approach you when reporting on climate impact becomes compulsory. Be ahead and find out how you can start to integrate the benefits for the climate into your strategy.


When you’re starting in business you might not be aware of a whole lot of other things that need to be sorted. Not just a logo and bank account. Becoming aware of your responsibilities will make the startup smooth and you get to do what you love.

Downsize your life

I’ve taken money worries out of my life and arrived at living with purpose. Observing one’s emotional attachment to money is a fascinating journey, I’ve been on it and am glad for my outcome. Freedom from the daily grind.

Doughnut Economics

Become a 21 century good business by aligning with the doughnut as developed by Kate Raworth. Measure the overshoot to take action and mitigate. Make sure that everyone has access to all elements of the social foundation.


Case Studies

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A doctor had an inkling that the downturn in tourism will lead to a crisis for mental health and drive people into addiction. The regional area has not much addiction support. Setting up an addiction treatment center and the network to support existing services has now more curve balls than just funding. Social and environmental factors need to be considered too.

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Learning circles

Learning remotely and independently brings the challenge of accountability. An online learning circle helps to cement the knowledge because we share what we learned. It also keeps us inspired as we hear what others are learning. 2-3 times per week, in person or online or a mixture for only half an hour is enough.







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