Social Enterprise

My own business is a social enterprise. 20% of the annual profit goes to Deep South Challenge because indigenous knowledge contains and embodies climate solutions.

In New Zealand and the rest of the world, social enterprise is on the rise. The old ways of doing business are not working anymore, too many resources and talents are wasted.

In our local area, the Southern Lakes of the South Island, we have founded a social enterprise support network, SESL.

We provide support to budding social enterprises, startups wanting to do it differently and existing business pivoting to a regenerative approach.

I am also the setup coordinator of flaxroots – Social Enterprise Enablers Network of Aoteroa. To support the capability builders within the Social Enterprise and Community-Led Developments landscape for a place to connect with a sense of belonging. To create a space where the impact becomes bigger than the sum of the input. To create ripples and change the way we do business. For more information please get in touch via email to or make a time for a virtual or real life coffee.