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Xero should make financial processes in your small business really easy. If they’re not, you might not use it properly. Maybe you have outright trouble with it. Or is your accounting bill from last year massive because of clean-up work? I have over 20 years of experience with accountants preparing end of year Financial Statements and I can help you get Xero right so the accountant can help you with more important things. I have been using Xero since it started and I feel it’s like walking around my house in the dark, I just know it so well.

Here is the process in the right order:

Email me: Send me an email with your business details and Xero questions. I will reply with a signed confidentiality agreement so you know your data and information is safe.

Book a session: Check out the booking page here and make a time that suits you. You don’t need to create an account, it will convert the time zone from your part of the world to my time in New Zealand. If you can’t find a suitable time please email me.

PayPal payment: I will email you a link with the payment request for NZ$95, please make sure this is paid before we chat on Zoom.

Invite me into your Xero: When you give me access to your Xero you are protected via the signed Confidentiality agreement that protects you and your data. Please follow the steps on Xero Central here. You can delete me as a user any time.

Zoom call: You will receive a link to the Zoom call when the session is confirmed, after you invited me into your Xero, after the payment has come into my Paypal and after I had a check of your Xero data. We will spend up to 45 minutes on the Zoom call. I usually share the screen and show you what I found in your Xero that’s worth looking at to make your small business healthier.

Debrief: I will email you a recap of our session with links and homework. There is the opportunity to ask for a follow-up session or further check-ins. Just ask and I will make you a generous offer.

Xero Accounting software – helping small businesses do beautiful business

Let’s build a healthy business together.

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