It really began in Germany in my last year at school. A friend gave me a book about “Autogenes Training” Progressive Relaxation. It fascinated me to approach each body part with imagination and achieve heaviness. My inner scenario had me floating on an airbed in a warm pool of water, first my feet were hanging into the warm water, then each leg, torso, arms until only my head floated. I never slipped my head off the floatie, it just didn’t occur to me – I didn’t want to drown!

Yoga postures came via a 6 week intro course in 1999 in Wanaka, New Zealand. The course was led by an amazing Iyengar teacher, a fellow german and very precise in the execution of the poses, right up my alley! I’m very grateful for the solid foundation Swenja taught me.

Then it was yoga at home, with friends and family, via VHS tapes (yes, that long ago!) and classes here and there.

Until a hot yoga studio in Wanaka caught my eye and the athletic side really roped me into a consistent practice of physical postures. For almost 2 years there wasn’t a day I didn’t do yoga, sometimes 2 or more classes a day. In March 1999 I decided to do a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 3 weeks in wonderful Nelson in the north of New Zealand’s South Island. With that came the wider understanding of yoga and philosophy, but also more questions. I felt like staring down a dark tunnel with no end in sight. “What was I thinking, I can’t be a yoga teacher!” I did get the wrong end of a stick for a while….

Yoga has given me a window into something bigger we are part of, and it’s all around us. I’m also part of an online Bhagavad Gita study group, it helps finding purpose in daily life. To do the work that’s required, without attachment to the outcomes. And how to combine it into our goal driven and outcome oriented society – the struggle never ends.

Email me for personal yoga sessions (also via Zoom) or to come to a session in the Wanaka and Hawea area.

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